Green Women Solution Finders

Who are Green Women?

The prestigious Green Women designation comes from participation in a year-long Leadership Training elevating women as influential champions for themselves, their community, and our world. This training provides women with the essential skills, support, and knowledge to undertake a community-focused project from design through completion. Women emerge with an understanding of what it takes to lead, to teach, to create, to thrive, to be empowered, and to be healthy in our world.

Recognizing the multifaceted challenges befalling us, Dave and Helene Van Manen and Elaine Pacheco developed this Green Women Training program through Healthy Women Healthy Earth. This not-for-profit educates and empowers women to find creative solutions to community problems. This training program is supported by the Sisters of Mercy and by a generous donor who value the tenets of this program. Green Women projects to date include, leadership retreats, podcasts, blogs, community surveys, a children’s nature school, educational curriculums, and social justice art programs.

Simply stated, this training is life-giving. The women make it. These heart-centered leaders are encouraging, intelligent, and fun loving. It's a community focused on the comprehensive wellness of the individual as the rise of a healthier world is dependent on healthy and vital individuals.

Learn more about Healthy Women Healthy Earth and the Green Women Training at, and about the forward-thinking Sisters of Mercy at

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