Hope is light in the darkness.

Lady of Guadalupe  is an ancient and mystical icon of hope, most notably in Mexico.  


Now more than ever, we need Her help.

This project is about you making a personal appeal to Lady of Guadalupe for help.  

Take a chance.  Let Her intercede to help you.   It will uplift you in astonishing ways.


Give hope a chance.

Sharing your appeal and experiences will inspire others to see what's possible.


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Hope reveals unexpected possibilities. 

Postcards & Comments

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HopeArt Project 
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Hi! I'm Terri  

It's my dream to bring more hope to our world.  

HopeArt Project introducing Lady of Guadalupe is just the beginning.  

Lady of Guadalupe project was barely a whisper until She knocked on the door of my life seven years ago.  It was December 12th, the globally celebrated day honoring Lady of Guadalupe, that I had a life-changing experience giving me a big dose of hope.

Marking this unforgettable event, I created a life-size painting of Lady of Guadalupe and made a personal vow to spread the message of hope through Lady's miraculous intercessions.


With the support of the Green Women Initiative, a non-profit funded by the Sisters of Mercy, and the rapid fear and tragedy around Covid-19, it was clear this was the right time to introduce HopeArt Project to the world.

Hope fills us with peace and connects us to our sacred oneness.

Postcards & Comments

"I'm finding this brings up my feelings that I'm not worthy of asking for something I need, 
especially when there are so many people suffering now."
" I experienced an indescribable calmness the morning after I received my card ."
 “It made me cry.  And for some reason I had a comforting reassurance that I have been a good mom despite my failings and that my children have become good adult people.  Mary was so important in our life.  I just want to make Love Heals signs and take them to nursing homes and cancer centers." 

When I'm not working on HopeArt

I find creative ways to mix up wonder and imagination into programs that invite people into the limitless oneness of nature, creativity, intuition, and spirituality.


See for yourself

Personal Guidance


We each have access to our own answers it's easiest though when we feel heard and understood by someone. We are able to be more connected to ourselves and our internal reservoir of peace and divine oneness.  


As an unbiased witness, I hold the energy of love allowing for you to receive what you need most.


*Until further notice, this is offered virtually due to the current health situation. 

1-2.5 hrs

Sacred Medicine Women


Your sacred medicine woman lives deeply within you and has the answers you need to become healthier, solve problems easier, trust yourself more, and navigate life transitions. 


Using creative prompts and directions to follow your intuition, you'll access this bounty of personal knowledge and

ancient wisdom to create your powerful and amazing medicine woman.


Use this time to call her forward to access the medicine

you need for your life.   

No experience necessary. 

Offered two times -fall and winter.  

3.5 hrs.

Soul Cards

This is a chance to be more connected with your inner guidance.  This perspective invites you to see beyond what seems apparent.  

Why do this?  We remember that everything is connected to everything else.

Decisions become easier.  

- Stress decreases.  

- We become peaceful & calm.


No experience necessary.  

Offered monthly, September - April.  2 hrs.

*Until further notice, this program is temporarily suspended due to the current health crisis.*    

Ordinary people

 Extraordinary experiences

 Hope Stories



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